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Unlocking the World of Metaverse Artists: Roy

Welcome to the Unlocking the World of Metaverse Artists series, a behind-the-scenes look at different artists in the metaverse space.  This series will explore the stories of some of the most innovative virtual world creators, exploring their backgrounds, their projects, and the challenges they face in this emerging ecosystem.  From people like virtual DJs spinning […]

IMVU’s Top 10 Fastest-selling NFTs

The world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has been rapidly growing in popularity on IMVU, with over 10,000 NFTs being minted to date! As the demand for these unique digital assets continues to rise, so does the speed at which they are being purchased.  To give you an idea of the hottest NFTs on IMVU, we’ve […]

Limited Edition NFTs: Fantasy

Rise to the challenge and embark on an epic journey in the kingdom of IMVU with our newest Limited Edition NFTs: Fantasy! Soon, you’ll be able to conquer the virtual realm in style and own a piece of IMVU’s legendary history.  Be a hero and claim your Fantasy NFTs. This collection will launch on #NFTuesday […]

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