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Through blockchain-driven assets such as meta tokens (VCORE and VCOIN) and NFTs, MetaJuice aims to create a world where everyone can create, earn, own, and shape the future of the metaverse while taking part in its success.
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MetaJuice is the blockchain subsidiary of Together Labs (formerly IMVU Inc.), whose portfolio also includes: IMVU, the world’s largest friendship discovery and social metaverse platform; and WithMe, a mobile metaverse now in open beta.

Together Labs was named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential Companies of 2022, and to Wunderman Thompson’s list The Future 100 Trends to Watch in 2022.

MetaJuice’s first token, VCOIN, received a no-action letter from the SEC, and is integrated into IMVU, which has several million active users in-app and on social media. As of June 2022, there are over 750,000 active VCOIN wallets on IMVU.

MetaJuice’s next cryptocurrency, VCORE, will be launching soon on the global market (although not available for residents in the United States or Canada). It will allow the community to truly participate in the metaverse, its success, and give holders certain governance and utility in the metaverse. VCORE will launch first in the IMVU metaverse, then on WithMe in 2023 and more to follow. To find out more about VCORE, visit getvcore.io and check out the VCORE Litepaper.

MetaJuice recently announced the upcoming release of an NFT Marketplace in IMVU, which will offer players full digital ownership of purchased items on the marketplace, allowing them to collect, display and resell items. It will also provide millions of active IMVU players the ability to earn money on the platform, through utilizing the secondary market or creating their own NFT items.

Our Team

We have a diverse and experienced team bringing their unique perspectives to the web3 metaverse space.

John Burris


Nancy Beaton

SVP, Marketing & Strategy

Sommath Banerjee

VP of Technology

Nischal Belthangady

Head of Token Operations

Chris Jones

Head of Business Development

Claudia Olah

Director of Marketing (VCORE)

Join the MetaJuice team and help build the future of the metaverse!

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