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Welcome to VCOIN – the global transferable digital currency that allows users to buy, gift, earn and convert earnings to real money for the real world.

MetaJuice launched VCOIN in January 2021 and it is currently available for purchase through IMVU, the world’s largest web3 social metaverse platform.

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Built on the Ethereum blockchain

VCOIN is an ERC-20 token that can be exchanged both on and off a given platform. VCOIN is a fixed price token that can be purchased by IMVU users on-platform.


Easy to Buy​

Purchase direct on IMVU
Pay using Credit Cards
No Bank Account required
No need to connect complicated crypto wallets

send VCOIN

Easy to Send​

All IMVU users can receive VCOIN
Instant transfers between accounts
Real-time balance updates
No set-up needed

VCOIN to cash

Convert to Cash​

Transfer VCOIN out of IMVU
Withdraw for cash at a stable rate
Exchange for other crypto
Send to any ERC-20 Wallet

VCOIN is LIVE in IMVU's Massive Economy

IMVU, the creator of the world’s largest 3D avatar social world, has launched VCOIN – the first digital currency that holds value both inside and outside of its virtual world — to its community of nearly 1 million daily active users.


VCOIN seamlessly integrates into the massive existing IMVU economy, which features over 50 million digital items, and more than 20 million transactions per month.

With 14 billion Credits exchanging hands each month, the IMVU economy is a ready-made environment for massive VCOIN adoption. While starting in IMVU, VCOIN can be accepted or adopted by any virtual marketplace or community.
14 billion credits

VCOIN Use Cases

In the comprehensive IMVU economy, VCOIN acts as a method for peer-to-peer transactions — for the first time enabling service providers (aka Producers) to earn VCOIN and convert to real money. Since the launch of VCOIN, we’ve introduced various new features and uses – with more on the way. Learn more below!

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VCOIN is a new digital asset created by IMVU – the world’s largest 3D avatar virtual world. Built on blockchain technology, VCOIN can be purchased, earned, and exchanged within the IMVU platform — and for the first time, allowed to be transferred off of the platform, subject to terms and conditions.
There are over two billion active users and gamers who participate in digital experiences and virtual social networks. To date, these virtual economies have either run on cash or a proprietary payment system, like IMVU Credits. VCOIN allows users around the world to gift, trade, and transact with one another, exchanging real value for the first time. Unlike other in-game tokens, users and earners can take their VCOIN earnings off-platform anytime.
VCOIN is ready-made for use. With IMVU’s current massive economy, VCOIN was built into the product and introduced to millions of IMVU users from Day One. Designed to drive adoption and usage, VCOIN can be easily purchased with a credit card and immediately used on the platform with no complicated crypto wallets required. Users can transfer VCOIN off the IMVU platform with a few clicks – opening up endless possibilities.
IMVU will maintain a consistent purchase and sale price intended to prevent fluctuation in the price of VCOIN.

Learn more about Producers, services and how to use VCOIN on IMVU.

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