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Being Unique in a Digital World

MetaJuice Powers Digital Fashion in the Metaverse

We live in a time where the lines between real-life and virtual reality are becoming more blurred.

The Metaverse, imagined by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash, envisioned a virtual reality-based successor to the internet. In his novel, people used digital avatars of themselves to explore an online world where people can create and live out their dreams. Today, Web 3.0 products like IMVU bring that concept into the 21st century.

MetaJuice and the IMVU metaverse are designed to foster social interactions based on mutual respect, and are built for all users — free from the limits of real life.If our clothes are how we wear our thoughts in real life, then our wearables are how we wear our expressions online. What are the style principles for this new dimension? Who is shaping the unlimited possibilities of how we might express ourselves in the metaverse?

To answer those questions, we need to explore how the metaverse has influenced the lives of designers and fashionistas.

A world at your fingertips

In IMVU, anyone can design and customize their digital presence in a massive mult-iuser online world.

Last year, IMVU reached record-breaking numbers with more than 7 million active participants collaborating in the Metaverse.

Best of all? You can experience the IMVU metaverse where and how you want, using a computer, tablet, mobile phone, or web browser.

An unlimited closet

Finding closet space to house a wardrobe sometimes feels like a game of Tetris. IMVU has no restrictions on physical space for your fashion collection.

Gone are the days of rummaging through drawers and hangers. An avatar’s inventory is perfectly organized, and categorized by type.

Try on however many things you’d like — there’s no limit. It’s like shopping for clothes in the mall without having to awkwardly wait in line for a dressing room.

The great thing about IMVU is that it caters to everyone, regardless of style or size. Through the tap of a screen, you can pr​​eview what the outfit looks like and checkout in seconds.

Wins for designers, too!

Fashion designers: We’re here to tell you your dream job just got a lot easier!

Through IMVU, you can digitally design without worrying about material costs, and have the advantage of reaching a worldwide audience without the logistics of shipping.

No more figuring out if you can afford those bolts of high-quality fabric you’ve been dying to work with; your supply chain issues are non-existent. If your inventory doesn’t sell, you also won’t need to discount it to make space for your next project.

Great designers know that it takes a team to properly execute a vision. Collaboration is key! IMVU has a community of over 200,000 producers, experts, and specialists to hire within the VCOIN Marketplace where they can transform your vision into a 3D metaverse compatible file.

Being unique in a digital world

It’s not just clothes that are available — there’s a selection of gigs and NFTs that can completely make your avatar one-of-a-kind and customized.

MetaJuice partnered with SHOES 53045 to release an NFT that is portable into the IMVU metaverse. Since NFTs are limited edition items with varying levels of scarcity, this may be an awesome opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be unique. Perhaps you could launch your next line as NFTs, available to be redeemed on IMVU, sooner than you think.

Many users also offer custom content in exchange for our Meta Token, VCOIN, in the VCOIN Marketplace. It’s a wonderful way to collaborate without worrying about third party payments like PayPal, and to keep your online identity secure. Transactions are as simple as a click on a phone on the producer’s profile.

MetaJuice — a community, not just an economy

MetaJuice is curating an environment and ecosystem for a peer-to-peer metaverse economy. We are empowering IMVU to be a space where you may be your best stylish self; trading content, ideas, and cash with anyone. After all, the more time you spend with friends on IMVU, the more critical your online identity in the community becomes.

By enabling blockchain technology on IMVU, everyone may begin planning how they would like to own, trade, and swap their digital fashion as NFTs. Every player may buy and sell fashion they’ve created themselves. Need help getting something customized just right? No problem. You have the opportunity to support content creators with the VCOIN Marketplace for one-of-a-kind pieces that add the personal touch and uniqueness in your virtual experience.

The metaverse is NOW

IMVU’s metaverse is built to empower people to create, connect, and share in the future economy. The possibilities for creativity, direct communication, and personal growth are unlimited.

It’s hard to deny how much impact both virtual and augmented reality will soon have on our daily lives — and for many people, that impact is already happening.

Sound amazing?

Let’s go!

Jump in feet first and explore everything that’s already available in IMVU today:


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