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Benefits NFTs provide in the IMVU metaverse

NFT Benefits on IMVU

This fall, we’re launching our NFT marketplace in the IMVU metaverse. IMVU, home to 1 million daily active users and over 200,000 active creators, is a community that for many years has been creating, buying, and using digital items. 

So what new benefits will NFTs on IMVU provide to players? We’ve outlined some of them below!

Club NFT set of NFTs on IMVU

True ownership of digital items

For the first time, users on IMVU will truly own the digital items they purchase. They’ll be able to buy, and later resell, NFTs on the IMVU Shop. When you’re done with an item, it’s no longer something you get no use out of that sits on your account; you can resell it, and put that money toward another item, or cash it out via Uphold. 


Collectability that’s affordable

NFTs will introduce the concept of collectability to IMVU. Whether it’s sneakers or fancy gowns, limited editions have the power to build a community. And when you own or wear something limited edition, you join that exclusive community.

NFTs will enable that community to grow on IMVU, and serve as a verification method to guarantee the item(s) you’re using are authentic. And that essential part of fashion culture will be available at a fraction of what it can cost in real life, and with none of the design limits.

NFTs will also allow creators to create limited edition items, and grow collectability and following among users.

Creator royalties on resells

NFTs will open a new avenue of revenue for IMVU Creators. Along with making money on the original item sale, any time an item they create is re-sold by users in IMVU’s Shop they’ll get a royalty payment. Creators who make items that become collectible or highly sought after will benefit from that demand. 

Play NFT set on IMVU

Unique badges and name tags 

Users who purchase an NFT on IMVU will unlock a special gold badge and name for their avatar. It doesn’t matter what NFT you get, or what price it is.

We’re also working on lots of other exciting plans related to NFTs on IMVU in the future. Be sure to subscribe to the MetaJuice newsletter at the bottom of this page to be kept up to date on new developments!

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