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Happy 2-year Anniversary, VCOIN! 🥳

This past month, we celebrated two incredible milestones for VCOIN: the 2nd year anniversary and MetaJuice hitting 1,000,000 VCOIN wallets on IMVU

What is VCOIN?

VCOIN is the global transferable digital currency that allows IMVU users to buy, gift, earn and convert earnings to real money for the real world. 

On November 19, 2020, VCOIN received the third-ever crypto-related SEC Staff No-Action Letter, allowing VCOIN to be sold as a non-security. A couple of months later, on January 12, 2021, VCOIN went live to IMVU’s 1M daily active user base, introducing a new currency and crypto for the very first time since IMVU’s inception in 2004. 

VCOIN represents IMVU’s first step from a Web2 company to Web3 and is the stepping stone that brought us to where we are today, like selling out NFT drops and preparing for our VCORE launch. 

It’s only fitting that every year we take a moment to celebrate VCOIN’s anniversary and achievements!

Celebrating 2 Years of VCOIN 

To celebrate VCOIN’s 2nd anniversary, we gave away VCOIN to our community, commissioned and featured some of the Top Editors and Producers on IMVU to create artwork using the VCOIN Persona, and hosted a live Anniversary party on-platform. 

Check out the edited art pieces below!

You can also see some highlights from the Anniversary Party! We hosted a VCOIN-themed event and had an amazing turnout of around ~250 users. It was definitely a celebration to remember!

VCOIN Instagram

In addition to our on-platform festivities, we’ve been celebrating through our social channels like VCOIN’s Discord and Instagram

Because of the nature of IMVU’s social and visual platform, our community gravitates toward Instagram as a place to share their artwork and avatars with the world. 

The goal of our VCOIN Instagram is to feature these amazing users, especially those engaging with the VCOIN token or those actively buying and modeling NFT items bought with VCOIN.

We also use this channel to educate users about cryptocurrency and the true reason that VCOIN was brought into IMVU – to put earning power in the hands of the users and allow anyone whether their a Creator, a Model, an Editor or an NFT Seller to earn real money they can use in their real lives.

VCOIN Producers in Action

If you want to learn more about how users are using VCOIN to earn money on-platform, check out our most recent #IAmAProducer video featuring an actual IMVU Producer (users that earn VCOIN for their service).

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