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How to Buy NFTs on IMVU

How to Buy NFTs on IMVU

New to NFTs? The process of purchasing NFT Exclusives on IMVU is surprisingly simple. In fact, it only takes a few steps!

Step 1: Choose an NFT.

Visit the IMVU shop and look through the NFTs. You’ll find lots of cool options, from hairstyles to accessories and more!

Step 2: Buy the NFT with VCOIN.

Next, you’ll need to purchase it with VCOIN. VCOIN can be purchased through the IMVU, so no need to juggle with any third-party websites. Once you have your VCOIN on your account, you can finalize the transaction by tapping “Buy Now”.

Step 3: Enjoy your NFT!

Congratulations on purchasing your NFT! The great news is that you can start using it right away in IMVU chat rooms or on IMVU Feed. Show it off to your friends, and even trade it with other users – the possibilities are endless.

Now you know how to purchase an NFT from IMVU! Enjoy your new NFT and have fun!

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