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IMVU NFT Creator Interview with Kuroi

In 2022 MetaJuice release the first creator collab NFTs on the popular social metaverse IMVU. This was step 1 in our 3-phase process to make this feature available to all creators.

We worked closely with IMVU creators like Kuroi to test a new class of in-game digital collectibles— NFTs. While creators can make, sell, and earn from digital items on IMVU, we wanted to use the latest technology to empower artists further.

Through the power of NFT items, creators can continue to receive royalties on all future sales of their items instead of just the initial sale. We’re excited to unravel more of our efforts to support the IMVU economy and enrich user experiences!

Q&A with IMVU creator, Kuroi

What attracted you to IMVU and made you want to become an NFT creator specifically for IMVU?
How do you find inspiration when creating NFTs on IMVU?

I have been creating on IMVU for over 13 years and have always embraced changes, thinking of them as new opportunities. Therefore, creating NFTs was something natural for me to try and a new way to diversify.

How do you find inspiration when creating NFTs on IMVU?

NFTs should be special and go beyond the ordinary. Combining themes like fantasy or futurism with something out of this world can make an ordinary item amazing.

Can you tell us about any notable or unique NFT items you have created on IMVU?
The Circus Leader Sets and Ray Gun are the items that I really like so far as they utilize all the features of the IMVU Studio including the new particle system.

How do you stay updated with the latest trends and preferences of IMVU users when creating digital items?

Keeping contact with the community, and listening to people as some just message me and give new ideas.

Could you share any challenges or obstacles you have faced while creating wearable items on IMVU, and how you overcame them?

IMVU is a very diverse place when it comes to body sizes and creating. Let's say, a top that will fit all bottoms and their 3D weighting can be sometimes challenging, but leaving my comfort zone works best for me, as I can create something that I have never thought I would be able to make. This allows me to learn a lot at the same time.

IMVU recently rolled out NFTs as a new feature. How do you see the future of NFTs evolving on IMVU, and how do you plan to adapt and innovate?

Even though the crypto market is not new, I believe that both the NFTs and Crypto will change the future. IMVU adopted NFTs quite early, giving IMVU a head start into metaverse and user-generated content and art. The NFTs will play a more important role as valuable art assets, collectible items, rewards, ways to show affiliation, and many more. 

I am first to embrace changes and I will create what the market desires, fill the gaps, and find my niche.

IMVU is known for its virtual economy. How do you determine the value or pricing of your NFTs? Do you consider factors like rarity, demand, or other criteria?

We should consider all different criteria. Just as I mentioned about the future role of the NFTs as assets. We also need to consider the creator role here, artists sometimes spend days and more polishing their meshes/textures/animations and always should be rewarded accordingly.

Can you discuss any items in the works or upcoming projects you have as an IMVU NFT creator? Are there any new features that you are excited to explore?

I have many NFT projects to begin and finish. I am currently finishing NFTs for collaboration with IMVU and the fashion brand Freak City and my products for the IMVU NFT contest. I also started publishing my own NFTs on IMVU recently. The response to them is fantastic, and many items have sold out! The IMVU community is amazing, as always. 

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