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The environmental impact of IMVU NFT Exclusives

MetaJuice’s NFT Marketplace is coming to IMVU this Fall!

So what’s MetaJuice’s environmental impact with our upcoming NFTs?

Almost none. You heard that right! 

Unlike many NFTs that primarily use Ethereum, Immutable X’s partnership with MetaJuice makes NFT transactions free of gas fees. It also allows us to use far less energy.

NFT Exclusives have a minimal environmental impact because they utilize Immutable X. A “Layer 2” solution, Immutable X is able to dramatically reduce the energy costs associated with NFTs, while still using Ethereum’s blockchain to maintain security. 

With batched zero-knowledge proofs, Immutable X uses rollup technology to compress the amount of information required to trade or create NFT Exclusives. Compared to Ethereum, minting NFTs uses 475,000 times less energy consumption. Minting 8 million NFTs on Ethereum uses approximately 490,000,000 kWh (211,971,208 kg CO2), while minting 8 million NFTs on Immutable X uses approximately 1030 kWh (446 kg CO2). For comparison, a one way flight from LAX to NYC uses approximately 560 kg C02.

Any energy that is used for NFT Exclusives created or traded using Immutable X will be offset to zero by Immutable X’s certified climate conscious partners Trace and Cool Effect.

Ultimately, this makes all MetaJuice NFTs 100% carbon neutral, with the minor tangible energy consumption being offset via carbon credits.

IMVU’s NFT Marketplace launches in the Fall and we’re excited to take these steps for an environmentally friendly approach for our metaverse community. 

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