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Introducing Crew3 Rewards!


We’re excited to announce we’re taking things to the next level with the integration of Crew3 on our VCORE by MetaJuice Discord server, which will let us reward our community members!

Watch our intro to Crew3 video for the TLDR;

YouTube walkthrough for crew3 rewards

What is Crew3?

Crew3 is a Discord integration that allows us to reward members for completing tasks and contributing to the community. By completing quests, you can earn prizes and special rewards.

Click here to go to the VCORE quest board to start your journey

The platform incentivizes its users to participate in surveys, complete offers, watch videos and more to earn rewards. These rewards can be redeemed for various prizes and merchandise.

Why you should join VCORE’s Crew3 Quest Board

Joining our quest board can provide users with a fun and engaging way to earn rewards. By participating in various activities, such as surveys, watch parties, game nights, meme contests, and more, users can accumulate points that give them the opportunity for prizes such as free NFTs, crypto tokens, and special Discord roles. 

By completing a special series of quests, eligible users can open a secret allowlist channel on our server. This opens another level of VIP access and opportunities to WIN. 

Click here to join our Discord server

How to earn points on Crew3

There are several ways to earn rewards on Crew3: complete surveys, watch videos, participate in contests, and engage with the community to earn Crew3 points.

How to earn an allowlist role

1. Join the Crew3 community here

2. Click on the three dots next to invite frens and click on join the community

MetaJuice crew3 community

3. Scroll down to #Allowlist quests

Crew3 quest list

4. Complete the five quests and earn the Allowlist role!

Experience Points (XP)

Before we explain the bronze role, we have to discuss two different types of XP you can gain:

Discord XP – Experience earned through communicating in our discord server. It is achieved by sending messages in our channels, attending Discord AMAs, creating and posting memes. 
Crew3 XP – Experience earned through completing different quests. ‍

What is a Bronze Role?

A bronze role is unlocked by achieving a level 3 within the discord server. This is done through obtaining discord XP, posting in channels, attending AMAs and communicating with others. You can check your XP level by posting “/rank” in any channel. 

Discord Bronze Role

Crew3 is a fun and engaging platform that rewards you for participating in community activities! Whether you enjoy completing surveys, watching videos, or participating in contests, Crew3 gives you an opportunity to get cool web3 rewards while having fun. So why not sign up today and start? 

Join now! 

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