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Introducing MetaJuice: Unlocking the Metaverse

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Many say the Metaverse is the next frontier where users, creators, and players all come together to learn, explore, connect and earn. At MetaJuice, we believe we can unlock the full potential of that metaverse and its economy through blockchain technology. Doing this will create value for everyone that participates in this new world.

We launched VCOIN in 2021 as the first cryptocurrency for users, creators, and producers to experience true value on IMVU. It was our first offering and has been a tremendous success. For the first time we have unleashed the service economy and enabled peer-to-peer transactions. But, the MetaJuice mission and the needs of the metaverse go beyond just VCOIN. And, we would like to share with you that mission and all the assets, tokens and benefits we plan to bring to the community.

What is MetaJuice?

MetaJuice is the blockchain arm of Together Labs, parent company of the massive IMVU metaverse (+1,000,000 daily active users). We envision a world where everyone may share in the success of their metaverse community.

This happens through offering:

  • A complete economy: a comprehensive economy with both providers can earn through both goods and services.
  • A stronger voice: proposals from the community will become decisions and processes of the metaverse they want to create.
  • True ownership, with perks: giving back to those that take part and are passionate about shaping the future of the metaverse.

MetaJuice is the future for Metaverse Tokens, and NFTs.

Today, VCOIN is one of only four crypto companies that has received an SEC No Action Letter. This allows for P2P transactions in more than 140 countries across virtual platforms & ecosystems. This was only the beginning for our digital asset product offerings.

One of the hottest versions of digital assets right now are NFTs. This is one of our primary focuses for the future of MetaJuice. We will launch a full NFT platform in the metaverse — with goods, land, fashion and other assets. We will enable creators to mint NFTs with one click and buyers to shop and resale with no complicated crypto wallets.

Also, MetaJuice is launching one of the first showcases for NFTs. Where everyone will have a place to buy, show off, and share NFTs without having them locked up in a wallet where no one can see them.

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As you can see, we’ve changed our Medium name from VCOIN to MetaJuice, bringing together our technologies and applications under one NEW company brand. Join our communities on TwitterDiscord, and LinkedIn to kick your metaverse mindset into hyperdrive. To subscribe to our newsletter, head to

Moving forward, here’s what you should expect to find on this channel:

  • Information on VCORE, VCOIN and NFTs.
  • No-nonsense updates on the larger metaverse industry.
  • News and insights from thought leaders blockchain-enabling metaverse economies worldwide.


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