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Limited Edition NFTs: Special Collab with Nadya Tolokonnikova and PussyRiot

For this week’s NFT drop, we’ve teamed up with Nadya Tolokonnikova, a performance artist, feminist, political activist and creator of the feminist punk rock group – PussyRiot! This will be Nadya’s FIRST ever metaverse collaboration. Check out the PussyRiot themed NFT items below, dropping in IMVU this Friday April 14th at 10AM PST! This drop will have both varying quantities and pricing starting at 1,750 VCOIN ($7).

In addition to these items, we’ll also be selling special 1/1 SIGNED collector’s version of each NFT!

PUSSYRIOT Mask: 3,000 VCOIN ($12)
PUSSYRIOTPotions: 6,250 VCOIN ($25)
PUSSYRIOT Matriarchy: 6,250 VCOIN ($25)
PUSSYRIOT Cute Shirt: 3,750 VCOIN ($15)
PUSSYRIOT Charm Shirt: 3,750 VCOIN ($15)
PUSSYRIOT Hoodie: 3,750 VCOIN ($15)
PUSSYRIOT Banner: 1,750 VCOIN ($7)
PUSSYRIOT Black Dress: 8,750 VCOIN ($35)
Feminist flag, PUSSYRIOT Banner, potions, Pink Church (PR-themed room on IMVU), PussyRiot Dress, Balaclava Mask, Matriarchy Hoodie, “Call Me Cute Again” Shirt, PussyRiot Hoodie, “Princess Charming” Shirt

In support of Nadya and PussyRiot’s mission, part of the proceeds for this drop will fund North Caucasus SOS, an organization helping gay people safely leave Chechnya, the region of Russia where the LGBTQ community is gravely in danger.

Be a part of the movement with these PussyRiot NFTs!

PussyRiot NFTs: Potions, Balaclava Mask and “Call Me Cute Again” Shirt

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