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MetaJuice Month in Review: January 2023

The start of the year has been a thrilling time for MetaJuice, with several exciting achievements to celebrate. This month, our social metaverse, IMVU, hit a major mass adoption milestone with one million native wallets actively holding crypto on-platform!

Why does it matter?

The majority of IMVU players have no previous blockchain experience. Seeing users not only engage with crypto tokens but also buy and resell NFTs in-game shows that players are excited about blockchain utility as long as the setup is simple and the experience is rewarding. In collaboration with Uphold and ImmutableX, we’re able to onboard less tech-savvy players into web3 with minimal effort. 

This achievement showcases our growing user base and position as a leader in the gaming and blockchain industry.


This month, MetaJuice is fully preparing for the VCORE token launch (only for eligible Discord members outside the United States and Canada). This new metaverse token empowers our millions of monthly active users to participate in shaping the future of the metaverse and benefit from growing the web3 economy. 

However, VCORE holders won’t need to be exclusively in the IMVU metaverse to reap the rewards of the VCORE token. 

For more information, check out the VCORE by MetaJuice discord server:

Discord & Crew3 Rewards

To give the crypto curious more insight into how MetaJuice is building the future of the metaverse, we have added new features and benefits to our VCORE discord server and Crew3 quest board. Active members now have the opportunity to get involved and receive rewards like crypto and NFTs.

Join the discord for a chance to be part of our growing community of gamers, blockchain enthusiasts, and future rewards. VCORE Discord members are the first to reap these benefits!

Join the Crew3 quest board here:

Crew3— growing web3 communities


We started the year strong from a product development perspective by gearing up to reward eligible and loyal members within the IMVU community with VCORE tokens. Chances are, if you’re a participating member of the IMVU economy and are a resident outside the United States and Canada, you’ve received one of our VCORE QMs! We’ve given all potential eligible members the opportunity to be rewarded with VCORE within IMVU (after they KYC on Uphold and sign the VCORE TOS). 

This is an exciting step in the development of VCORE into the IMVU platform, and we’re delighted for IMVU members to begin seeing VCORE (in IMVU wallets) these upcoming months!

VCOIN Anniversary

January 12th marked the second anniversary of VCOIN, MetaJuice’s first in-game crypto token launched on IMVU. VCOIN can be used to buy and sell IMVU NFTs, custom creator gigs, and more. This in-game currency has been a massive success, paving the way for MetaJuice to explore new opportunities in the blockchain gaming world.

VCOIN also received one of the first crypto-related Staff No-Action Letters in 2020 from the SEC. This highlights our commitment to adhering to regulations and providing compliant digital assets for its users and metaverse economy.

NFT Drops

In January, we dropped five of our NFT collections on the IMVU marketplace, with many selling out in under 10 minutes! 

This month’s themes included Glam, Dark Academia, Neon Nova, HYPErspace, and Fantasy. Check them out!

IMVU player @Jibberish wearing Streetwear Sneakers

All in all, the start of 2023 has been an exciting month for the MetaJuice team. The company continues to grow and innovate, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds!

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