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Year in Review: 2022

MetaJuice 2022: A year in review

It’s been an exciting year for MetaJuice! 

In 2022, we were named as part of TIME100 Most Influential Companies, recognizing the impact of our work in building compliant crypto assets for the metaverse. We are honored to be one of four web3 companies (The Sandbox, Rec Room, and OpenSea) recognized for real influence across the world.

Building Together

We’ve also made some significant partnerships this year. 

MetaJuice partnered with ImmutableX to bring gas-free NFTs onto our 3D social metaverse platform. This partnership represents a major step forward for our company and for NFTs in general in bringing in-game and direct-to-avatar capabilities to millions of daily users within the metaverse. We are excited to offer our users the ability to own, collect, and trade unique digital assets within IMVU – and we hope in future metaverses as well.

Through our partnership with Uphold, we allowed players to create crypto wallets simply by using their email addresses. This made it even easier for our users to engage with crypto tokens and participate in the digital economy. Today, nearly 1 million players hold our in-game token, VCOIN, in their crypto-enabled wallets!

In addition to ImmutableX and Uphold, our collaboration with SHOES 53045 and The Dematerialised to create an NFT virtual shoe collection was shortlisted as a “top fashion or consumer brand initiative” for the European Metaverse Awards!

MetaJuice Director of Marketing, Claudia Olah, rocking a pair of IRL SHOES 53045
MetaJuice Director of Marketing, Claudia Olah, rocking a pair of IRL SHOES 53045

We also closed the final presale of our latest crypto token, VCORE, with some of the largest players in the blockchain, metaverse, and gaming space. These partnerships mean everything as we develop the VCORE token and community to give players true ownership and participation in the metaverse.

Below are some of our key partners to show our appreciation for their support, in 2021 and 2022, for the future of VCORE: Animoca Brands, Meta Impact Capital, BITKRAFT Ventures, Blockchain CoInvestors, Immutable X, DWeb3 Capital, Mirana Ventures , Peer Ventures, Rosemoor Digital Assets, Sky9 Capital, Executives at GoldenTree Asset Management, Jump Capital, Meteorite Labs, and Cointelligence.

We also made a major push to engage with our community this year, starting with the launch of the VCORE by MetaJuice Discord server. This has been a great way for us to share the latest news on MetaJuice NFTs and VCORE, and to finally connect with our community in real time. In just a few short months our community hit 10,000 members on Discord! 

2022 was a truly busy year because not only did we have a social community launch, but we launched the website, the VCORE Litepaper and MetaJuice website. This update truly helped to establish our team’s vision to our investors, partners, our community, and across the greater metaverse and gaming space. 

We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to this initiative, and we look forward to continuing to grow our community and launch more events and assets around VCORE in the coming year.

Where We’ve Been

We also had a busy events schedule, attending and speaking at a number of conferences and summits in 2022. We participated in TechCrunch Sessions in Miami, where business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss the future of blockchain technology and the impact of the metaverse. Our Head of Business Development, Chris Jones, was among the thought leaders in attendance in a fireside chat with both ImmutableX and Republic Crypto

We also attended Miami Art Basel and The Gateway, meeting innovators and artists in the Web3 space, such as Matt Medved of nft now, Amber Vittoria, and Instagram’s Blockchain Product Lead, Ed Dowling.

During Paris Blockchain Week, John Burris had our very first keynote for VCORE and the future of the metaverse overseas. MetaJuice also hosted the Blockchain Game Alliance dinner, bringing great minds together to discuss the future of gaming and technology. In March, our entire team traveled to Los Angeles for the inaugural NFT LA conference to support the SVP of Marketing, who took the floor to discuss Architecture & Interoperability in the Metaverse.

We traveled the world east to west and back again, joining TOKEN2049 in both Singapore and London, two of the world’s leading Web3 conferences.

A pair of alpacas on grass at the Token 2049 conference in London
A crowd looking at speakers on the stage at Token 2049
MetaJuice team on the red carpet at NFT LA

And there were many more events, both real-world and virtual, that we participated in, making 2022 a full year for our travel itinerary to speak about the future of the metaverse and how to make it an impactful experience not only for creators but for the entire metaverse community!

Where We’re Going

We spent 2022 building a fully integrated NFT experience for IMVU users. Although the bear market and recent events have shaken the web3 world, MetaJuice remains bullish on blockchain and its focus on building crypto-driven assets for the metaverse. 

Recent NFT initiatives on the IMVU platform have been wildly successful and demonstrated real utility for social metaverse gamers. During our beta-version launch of NFTs on-platform, we’re already seeing both MetaJuice and IMVU in the top 10 NFT collectibles category around the world. In 2023, we look forward to pushing this agency a step further by empowering all creators in the IMVU marketplace to make and mint their own digital items as NFTs with royalties for creators from the start.

NFT exclusives with nostalgia theme
NFT exclusives with futuristic theme

2023 is a big year for our latest token, VCORE, which will bring everything we’re working on to empower players in the metaverse to fruition. In early 2023, we will launch a new and improved website and assets in preparation for the VCORE token listing, although it will not be available for purchase by residents inside the US and Canada. We’ve also partnered with leading agencies in Japan, Korea, LATAM, and the greater parts of the UK and Europe in preparation for this launch. We’re very excited to share it with the community, so expect VCORE and MetaJuice to be seen and heard from all corners of the world!

Overall, it’s been a fantastic year for MetaJuice, and we’re looking forward to what the future holds in 2023! Keep up with what we’re doing after the New Year signing up for our weekly newsletter below or by joining us on our Discord server!

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