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New Partnership with Uphold’s Topper Payment Solution

Today we’ve integrated Uphold’s Topper—a user-friendly payment tool that simplifies crypto transactions, into the IMVU platform. This new partnership eliminates the complexities associated with external crypto wallets and lengthy verification processes.

IMVU users can now seamlessly access and purchase VCORE directly from within the IMVU platform. This transformative step simplifies the entire process, making it user-friendly and efficient.

Purchasing VCORE through the IMVU platform

The integration of Topper into the IMVU platform is more than just a payment enhancement. It represents a significant leap forward for Web3 payments. It enhances the experience of millions of users within the IMVU metaverse, removing barriers and making digital asset ownership and participation more accessible than ever before.

What is VCORE?

VCORE is IMVU’s newest metaverse token that rewards the community for their engagement and will empower users to shape the future of the metaverse. Holders will be able to play, earn, and experience true ownership and rewards of digital assets within the IMVU metaverse.

VCORE is now seamlessly integrated into the IMVU platform and the NFT Marketplace for participation by users who reside in eligible jurisdictions. It appears similarly to how VCOIN is represented on-platform today, for a seamless in-game experience. Users residing within the United States and Canada (along with other select jurisdictions provided below) will not be able to participate in VCORE for regulatory and legal compliance purposes.

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