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NFT Exclusives Spotlight: Future and Nostalgia

NFT Exclusives Spotlight: Future and Nostalgia

We’re excited to announce that NFT Exclusives have arrived on IMVU Desktop!

The IMVU community can stand out from the crowd with these unique items, and even unlock an exclusive gold profile badge and gold username.

NFT Exclusives can be bought and resold right in the Shop with VCOIN, with initial prices starting at just 500 to 1,750 VCOIN ($2 to $7.00 USD) per item.

While these sold out within seconds of being on sale, let’s rewind and discover our two newest collections, Future and Nostalgia!

NFT Exclusives: Future

NFT Exclusives: Future
NFT Exclusives: Future, by Exif

Embrace the future with our Future-themed NFT Exclusives, created by IMVU’s Exif.

There can only be one owner for each item, as they are 1/1 NFTs. Don’t miss your chance to turn heads with this set that glows in neon.

NFT Exclusives: Nostalgia

NFT Exclusives: Nostalgia
NFT Exclusive: Future, by DuttyDesigns and Roy

This collaboration between IMVU’s DuttyDesigns and Roy is the throwback you’re looking for!

With Nostalgia-Themed NFT Exclusives, you’ll be traveling back in time and in style. Featuring graffiti graphics and a vintage-inspired aesthetic, these unique products are a blast from the past!

More NFT drops, coming soon!

You won’t want to miss our next drop of Limited Edition NFTs on November 30th!

Be sure to follow to our Twitter (@themetajuice) for more info this week!

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