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Spotlight on the first IMVU NFT collections, Club and Play

IMVU officially launched NFT Exclusives on iOS on September 26th and to celebrate, 26 exclusive NFTs were minted! 

Let’s learn more about the artists Roy and Bibirasta in our first NFT Exclusives Spotlight.

Meet the artists

Roy, who joined IMVU in 2011, creates and sells a wide range of items in his shop, including avatars, furniture, and rooms. 

Roy recently shared with his followers, I truly love creating so much. It is my source of income and work sometimes. But it is amazing to be able to do what I am passionate about. Building up my catalog over the years has been so rewarding.”

A member of the IMVU community since 2005, Bibirasta has creations listed in her shop including clothing, rooms, and furniture. 

NFT Exclusives: Play

NFT Exclusives: Play — by Bibirasta and Roy

Play was a collaboration between Bibirasta and Roy. It uses IMVU+ technology, available only on IMVU Desktop and IMVU Mobile, which reflects light dynamically.

A vaporwave aesthetic and reflective design distinguish these one-of-a-kind items. The combination of rollerblades and platform boots is incredibly imaginative. And the violet neon highlights on the space buns are sure to turn heads.

Each item in the Play collection is a 1/1 NFT, and will only be able to be owned by one person. 

NFT Exclusives: Club

Club — by Roy

Light up the dance floor with Roy’s Club-themed NFT exclusives. 

Roy uses neon colors as a way to illuminate the designs in his Club collection. There are a number of items included in this set for men, including a neon undercut hairstyle, boots, pants, spectacles, combat vests, bracelets, and a bag. There’s also a women’s collection, featuring items such as purple space buns, neon pants, necklaces, cropped hoodies, boots, and bags.

Like Play and all our other launch NFTs, these are 1-of-1 NFT items that can each be owned by one user.

More to come with NFT Exclusives

The NFT Exclusives market is available now on IMVU’s iOS and Android apps. The Desktop version is just around the corner, so be sure to follow us on Twitter @themetajuice for the announcement and your next opportunity to own an exclusive launch NFT!

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