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NFT Limited Editions Spotlight: Anime and Y2K

NFT Limited Editions are coming SOON to IMVU, on November 30th

Are you a fan of IMVU NFTs? If so, you’re in for a treat!

Not only are we sharing a sneak peek at our next collections dropping on November 30th at 10:00 AM PST, but we’re introducing the first Limited Edition NFTs on IMVU

Each item has a total limited quantity, which increases your chances of scoring your favorite item! And as with our NFT Exclusives, you’ll be able to purchase these using VCOIN, (250 VCOIN for $1.00).

From stylish clothing to must-have accessories, these pieces are sure to turn heads. See for yourself why these NFTs are fashion’s next must-haves!

NFT Set: Kawaii

Make your own anime-themed cosplay with this pink Kawaii-themed set by Roy, an IMVU creator. Each item in the Kawaii set is limited to 50 copies, and prices range from $20-$50.

Make your inner magical girl come alive with this blouse, pink skirt, thigh-high socks, heels, and pink anime “twintails” hairstyle.

NFT Set: Dragon Flame

Battle against mobs with these anime-inspired set which was also imagined by Roy. Each item in the Dragon Flame set is also limited to 50 copies, and prices range from $20-$50. You will be the hero of your own shōnen anime with this fiery black cloak, pants, boots, and spiked red hairstyle.

NFT Exclusives: Y2K

Now that’s hot! 🔥 IMVU creators Prey and Predator collaborated on these Y2K-themed NFTs, which are each limited to 300 copies with prices ranging from $3-$6.

With these Y2K baggy jeans, platform heels, butterfly hair clips, a hoodie, and gold-heeled sneakers, your style will be off the charts.

Don’t miss the drop!

Have your eye on a piece? Remember, Limited Editions are purchasable with VCOIN. Once you have VCOIN in your wallet, sign into IMVU on Wednesday, November 30th for the drop. We’ll announce the time drops will start the day before on the MetaJuice Twitter.

We hope that you’ll score a Limited Edition NFT — Good luck!

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