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NFT Limited Editions Spotlight: Grunge

Grunge became a genre of alternative rock and a subculture that dominated the Pacific Northwest of the United States — especially in a little city we’ve come to know called Seattle.

As we hop aboard our time machine, we’re taking a trip back to the grunge era, where many pieces remain in style today!

Introducing our newest NFT Limited Editions Set: Grunge

Created by Kuroi001 in IMVU, each piece has a total quantity of 300 NFTs that range from 750 – 1,500 VCOIN ($3 – $6.00 USD) at initial drop. 

The drop will happen next week on IMVU, but your sneak peek starts now!

NFT Set: Grunge for Women

NFT Set: Grunge for Women
NFT Set: Grunge for Women, by Kuroi001. Initial drop prices are shown.

With this plaid flannel shirt and graphic tee, you can rock out in style. Vintage ripped jeans straight from the thrift store will show off your rebellious side. These classic black combat boots will keep your feet dry in the gloomy Seattle rain, and you can also take it back to the grunge music scene with a casual, straight-out-of-bed, knotted messy hairstyle!

NFT Set: Grunge for Men

NFT Set: Grunge for Men
NFT Set: Grunge for Men, by Kuroi001. Initial drop prices are shown.

You’ll look rockin’ in this classic plaid flannel shirt, while these thrift-store ripped jeans will show off your inner rebel. You can stomp the wet pavement in these classic black combat boots, and you don’t want to miss your chance to make a style statement with a straight-out-of-bed, messy hairstyle from the grunge scene.

What’s next for Limited Editions?

We can’t wait for you to mix and match these pieces to bring grunge to 2022!

Follow us on Twitter (@themetajuice) for your next sneak peek of Limited Editions, and for news on the day and time for the Grunge drop!

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