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Onboarding 750,000+ New Crypto Users

To empower creators and improve the IMVU marketplace, MetaJuice has introduced NFTs as digital collectibles for the in-game experience. Wearables in the IMVU metaverse are a huge part of avatar customization, allowing users to stand out in the virtual world. Our goal is to make the process of buying or selling NFTs items seamless and accessible. This is why we’ve built an easy-to-use platform for users to interact with blockchain assets. 

It’s been a big couple of weeks for MetaJuice’s NFT releases on IMVU. Our first drop sold out 99.9% within 36 hours; the second in just 2 hours! This success and the number of IMVU users who value the utility NFTs on IMVU provide are encouraging the web3 movement. These developments have also led to exciting opportunities for further collaboration with ImmutableX

Kawaii NFT digital collectibles produced by IMVU creators

To promote utility and empower a large number of users to buy and sell NFTs, our NFT prices have typically started at 750 VCOIN (or $3 USD). Thanks to our integration with ImmutableX – we also don’t charge gas fees!

Users on IMVU can use our in-game digital token, VCOIN, to purchase NFTs with a credit card. This means they don’t need to connect an external wallet. Working with Uphold, we create an on-platform wallet for users to store and use their VCOIN. Players can take their tokens off IMVU to Uphold, exchanging the VCOIN they’ve purchased or earned (through gigs, tips, or NFT sales) into cash or other cryptos. 

Our Anime and Y2K themed NFT items produced by IMVU creators

IMVU has 1 million daily users. Thanks to the simple process of buying our native token, VCOIN, over 750,000 of them have leveled up by adding crypto to their digital wallets.

That’s right— 750,000 plus!

We have successfully onboarded nearly one million users to blockchain without ever having to describe what a “nonce” is. 

We have seen an exciting amount of activity on the IMVU marketplace as players buy and resell these special items. Many of them are first-time buyers of NFTs or had never even heard of the term until their introduction on the IMVU marketplace. This success has shown that web2 users are ready for the utility of blockchain – as long as the experience is smooth!

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