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The Metaverse: Pushing the Boundaries of Design

The Metaverse: Pushing the Boundaries of Design

As the metaverse becomes mainstream, the digital realm is fashion’s newest playground for innovation. Thanks to the limitless nature of the metaverse, designers and creators are reimagining clothing and accessories without the constraints of practicality or reality. 

In order to bring fashion’s imagination to the next level, it’s crucial to find the right technology platform like IMVU and discover how the metaverse is pushing the boundaries of design.

Limited Edition Cyb’Air Thunder, Lava, and Ice sneakers by SHOES 53045
Limited Edition Cyb’Air Thunder, Lava, and Ice sneakers by SHOES 53045

The perfect pair: IMVU x SHOES 53045 & THE DEMATERIALISED

There are 1 million daily active users on IMVU, where people can explore and own their favorite designers’ latest collaborations.

MetaJuice teamed up with SHOES 53045 and THE DEMATERIALISED to build an immersive NFT experience in IMVU for Cyb’Air activation, the first NFT shoe from the digital-native brand famous for comfort tech.

“Our brand has been digital since day one. We’ve always been creating digital art and building a digital community, so this is a natural playground for us,” said SHOES 53045 CEO Aurelia Ammour. “People dare to wear more extreme styles in the metaverse, and it’s exciting to bring that to them.”

SHOES 53045’s Digital Connection

Next-gen unisex vegan footwear brand SHOES 53045 is designed in Paris by footwear legend David Tourniaire (ex-Margiela and co-designer of the iconic Balenciaga Triple S) and based in Los Angeles. 

These kicks are known for their futuristic style, bubble air soles, and deep connections to emerging digital culture.

Through the power of IMVU, SHOES 53045 became the first emerging direct-to-consumer sneaker iconic metaverse brand.

From concept to digital reality

Tourniaire imagined three colorways with different superpowers for the NFT shoes: lightning, fire, and ice.

“When you’re designing for the metaverse, there is no limit to creativity — no constraints around what is possible to produce or fit the human foot,” said Tourniaire. “This is thrilling to us.”

The limited edition Cyb’Air collection includes bubble air sneaker boots that are uniquely animated and superpower charged. 

3 NFT designs were designed and converted for use in IMVU for the owners’ avatars to wear on the platform, which included exclusive particle effects like flames, ice, and lightning that could only happen in the metaverse.

  • ⚡️ Thunder has a stormy effect including energizing flashes of lightning.
  • 🌋 Lava is red-hot with molten emitting flames.
  • 🧊 Ice is a 1-of-1 design that dazzles and chills with freezing and shattering effects.

A metaverse first: SHOES x IMVU Metafilm

As part of the launch, NFT owners were invited to participate in SHOES 53045’s first meta-film — an interactive, community-based art project screened in a live event and exhibition on on February 25. 

Owners and influencers were encouraged to create content in IMVU, and to share videos, images, and mixed-media montages featuring the shoes in action in their digital life with hashtag #cybair. The results were edited into a meta-film as a part of the final exhibition.

The 3-D Cyb’Air campaign, created by digital artist Gabrielle Rosenstein (@gabrielle_rosenstein) and Virtual Rags (@virtualrags), displayed the shoes and their superpowers to the beat of a soundtrack by New York-based hyper-pop band Frost Children (@thefrostchildren).

Moreover, the metafilm features style icons Rico Nasty, Yu Masui, Declan Chan, TJ Black, and Captain Zilla rocked their exclusive NFT boots.

Let’s push the boundaries of design

Calling all brands – You’ll soon be able to bring their imaginations to digital life through IMVU’s NFT Exclusives marketplace. 

Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in pushing the boundaries of design. 

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The Metaverse: Pushing the Boundaries of Design

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