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Staying Safe and Secure in the Metaverse

Staying Safe in the Metaverse

The metaverse can sometimes feel like the wild west, but companies like Together Labs are laying the foundation for a safer and more secure world for its community. Two recent announcements around encouraging positive play and launching NFTs help accomplish those goals.

Positive Play and Improving Player Experiences

In the metaverse, artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to help moderate communities and keep users safe. Spectrum Labs is one of several companies that have developed tools that analyze online text and identify toxic or negative behaviors. 

For gamers, moderation of that sort is nothing new. Anyone who has played online has experience dealing with banned word lists, blocking players, or having other players be muted due to their behavior. 

A unique new approach to AI moderation, however, is how Together Labs’ IMVU is making use of the AI’s ability to also identify and encourage positive behaviors during play – not just punishing bad behaviors.

In a recent article on GamesBeat, Together Labs’ VP of Marketing Maura Welch shared, 

“Our platforms have integrated rewards, levels and incentives that unlock the positivity, social experiences and sharing that people need for authentic connection and fun. 

By engaging our most friendly and helpful players using Spectrum Labs’ Healthy Behavior AI, we look forward to improving user experiences while increasing retention, engagement and revenue.”

Together Labs ensures player recognition through badges on IMVU. And Kudos on WithMe, which are similar to Reddit’s upvotes.

NFT Exclusives Provide Security

NFT Exclusives will introduce a new element of authentication for digital items in IMVU, making it easy for players to recognize items genuinely made by a creator. Using blockchain technology, users will be able to verify the creator, and the items’ journey from original minting (creation) to latest sale. 

IMVU Exclusives will remain in your inventory tied to your VCOIN wallet in IMVU until you sell or transfer them. Trade history, verification of account holders, and provenance will also be available through external blockchain explorers.

We believe that technology is an intrinsic driving force behind innovation, and we strive to use this power to our advantage.

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