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Could the Metaverse Change the Way We Live?

TechCrunch Miami

Last week, thousands of business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs attended TechCrunch Sessions in Miami to discuss the future of blockchain technology and how the metaverse will impact the world. Thought leaders attending include MetaJuice‘s very own Head of Business Development Chris Jones.

Our exclusive interview explores Chris’ thoughts on TechCrunch Sessions Crypto, the technologies he’s feeling most bullish on, and what the metaverse could look like in 5 to 10 years.

What is the Metaverse?

A metaverse is a digital world where users can create social connections in a digital or virtual environment, with people all over the real world. 

Modern metaverses like IMVU, Roblox, and Sandbox are going one step further to bring us more immersive digital experiences that mirror the real world. By letting users customize their surroundings and participate in events like games, concerts, meetings, or shopping the metaverse is changing how we interact with each other.

The Future of the Metaverse

The Future of the Metaverse” — MetaJuice x Republic Crypto x ImmutableX

Internet platforms need to be inclusive, secure, and sustainable in order for the metaverse to survive. Is it possible for leaders in this space to create an environment that allows users and creators to explore their imaginations and earn without restriction?

In case you missed it, here’s your chance to check it out: TechCrunch partnered with MetaJuice for “The Future of The Metaverse,” a fireside chat with Republic Crypto and ImmutableX thought leaders to discuss establishing a foundation for metaverse communities to thrive.

Q&A with Chris Jones

What was your favorite part of TechCrunch Sessions Crypto?

“I enjoyed my time on stage with Alex Mogal (Republic Crypto) and Natalia Mazzuchelli (ImmutableX). Both are brilliant women doing great things in crypto with a great understanding of how the metaverse space is evolving.”

What innovative technology are you most bullish on?

“Some of the APIs that we’re building internally to support gas-free, instant minting of NFTs could have broad applicability beyond our own platforms.”

How might the metaverse impact people 5-10 years in the future?

“We already see a blurring of the lines between our digital lives and IRL existence. The metaverse will impact everything from how to socialize to how we entertain ourselves to how we educate ourselves. There won’t be many areas of our life that won’t be impacted by the metaverse.”

While there will be challenges in building an inclusive, secure, and sustainable metaverse, the future couldn’t be brighter with gaming and social connections on platform.

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