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The Metaverse is Revolutionizing Fashion

Fashion in the Metaverse

How can non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse revolutionize fashion? As Gen Z dips their toes into the metaverse, the fashion industry is looking for ways to innovate.

In terms of fashion, not much has changed; Gen Z prioritizes personal expression like many generations before them. 

Avatar as alien, by Gypsy Sport.

One difference is that the price of the fashions have become more accessible to the average person thanks to the metaverse. Fashionistas can now create their favorite looks from their favorite brands without having to break the bank in the process; creativity is no longer limited to what you have in your bank account. 

A Mowalola avatar.

Another change? In the metaverse, fashion is not limited by the boundaries of what is possible in the real world.

It was in May 2021 that IMVU hosted the first Metaverse Fashion Show starring reputable real life brands such as Collina Strada, Mowalola, and Gypsy Sport

The metaverse offers an unlimited amount of potential for the creative mind to realize its dreams; Gypsy Sport’s Rio Uribe opted to make use of alien-looking blue and green skin and otherworldly features to make his pieces stand out from the crowd.

Limited Edition Cyb’Air Thunder, Lava, and Ice sneakers by SHOES 53045

In early 2022, MetaJuice joined forces with SHOES 53045 and THE DEMATERIALISED to launch the Cyb’Air NFTs series within IMVU. The brand’s creative head, David Tourniaire, envisioned futuristic bubble air soles for his shoes as part of his vision of his shoe design for IMVU. 

The fact that Tourniaire shoes are bound by no limits of reality is what makes them so great. Whether they are boots engulfed in flames or thunderous boot roars, nothing is out of this world when it comes to these boots.

That launch also recently got MetaJuice short-listed for the “Top Fashion, or Consumer, Brand Initiative” award at this year’s European Metaverse Awards.

There has never been a better time to consider bringing your designs to the metaverse than now, with the release of the IMVU’s NFT marketplace just around the corner.  Be sure to follow our MetaJuice Twitter (@themetajuice) to be the first to know when the NFTs launch in Fall of 2022.

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