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Unlocking the World of Metaverse Artists: Roy

Welcome to the Unlocking the World of Metaverse Artists series, a behind-the-scenes look at different artists in the metaverse space. 

This series will explore the stories of some of the most innovative virtual world creators, exploring their backgrounds, their projects, and the challenges they face in this emerging ecosystem. 

From people like virtual DJs spinning tunes in virtual club spaces to digital item creators, artists are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the metaverse. 

We will hear from artists, developers, designers, and entrepreneurs, showcasing the incredible creativity and talent that is taking the metaverse to the next level.

Introducing Roy

IMVU user and creator Roy is an incredibly talented artist who has been making waves in the digital art world with his unique and beautiful NFT collections. His portfolio includes stunning NFT sets such as Play, Club, Visions, Kawaii, and Dragon Flame

With his vibrant and dynamic style, Roy has developed a devoted fanbase who appreciate his art and the emotion it evokes.

In September 2022, Roy became one of the first NFT creators to mint in IMVU, as his art grew increasingly popular.

@Roy on IMVU

Joining IMVU

Roy discovered IMVU through his friends. “My friends invited me to IMVU for the ability to customize characters. We did a lot of role-playing games,” he said. 

After signing up for the platform, Roy began to explore 3D art and started creating his own in IMVU, about a month later. “At the time I only worked in two-dimensional art but I started to learn 3D pretty fast,” he explained.

Roy’s message to fans on IMVU’s Feed

Source: @Roy on IMVU

On creating content for the metaverse

As Roy shared on his IMVU Feed, “I honestly love creating so much. It is my source of income and can be work sometimes but it is amazing to be able to do what I am passionate about. Building up my catalog over the years has been so rewarding.” 

Looking over the comments left on the post, it’s clear that this artist has embraced the opportunity to share art with the digital world and touched countless lives on the IMVU platform.

Innovating with NFTs

When Roy heard about NFTs from a friend, he was intrigued. “I liked the idea of making one-of-a-kind unique items,” he said. To create his 3D art, Roy uses the programs Blender and Gimp. Both are free and open-source 3D and art creation suites. “I have used them for years now and am most comfortable with them,” he shared. 

To date, each NFT set Roy has worked on offers a unique and imaginative take on digital fashion, showcasing Roy’s excellent eye for detail and creativity. 

He credits his success with NFTs to the encouragement he has received from early-adopter NFT fans, saying “they really loved one of the [NFT] hairs that I created.”

NFT Set – Anime

NFT Advice for Creators

When asked about his advice for aspiring IMVU creators, Roy suggests being able to make your own meshes. “I like the idea of sets as well,” he said. To date, all of his NFT sets have sold out.

When asked why he creates NFTs, Roy responded, “because I like the ability to make unique items. It’s cool to see who chooses to buy them as well. It feels more rewarding than selling items for credits.”

Cheers to Roy!

It’s no surprise that Roy has established himself as a talented and successful IMVU creator. His NFT sets continue to delight and surprise the IMVU community through the latest releases and innovations in our metaverse. 

You can keep up with Roy’s work and progress on Instagram, Twitter, and IMVU, where he posts his latest art.

What’s next for NFTs?

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