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What is a Producer?

What is a Producer?

In IMVU’s metaverse, Producers play a vital role. They’re creating an immersive and engaging experience for users, all while earning real money through the VCOIN meta-token.

If you’re curious about what it takes to be a producer, or you’re interested in becoming one yourself, read on! This post will cover the basics of what a producer is in IMVU. 

What types of Producers are in IMVU?

As a thriving community of artists, producers help imagine and build new virtual worlds for people to enjoy.

And the best part? Anyone can become a producer in IMVU.

VCOIN Marketplace
Gigs Marketplace

Remember, this list of examples is just the tip of the iceberg. Those with the skills and passion can adapt their expertise to meet the demand of the IMVU community.

Roses by Producer LadyBarbiee
Roses by Producer LadyBarbiee
  • Editors: Editors are the professionals that enhance your avatar shots taken in IMVU with programs like Photoshop and other mobile apps.
Custom Heads by Producer Namastay
Custom Heads by Producer Namastay
  • Custom Creators: Custom creators create custom 3D items, clothing, furniture, or rooms. These custom items aren’t listed in IMVU’s Shop for purchase; they’re delivered directly to the customer instead. Creators fall into two categories: “Meshers” and “Texturers”. The difference? Meshers create 3D products and texture artists can edit and customize further through deviations.
Model Cutsie offers her services on the VCOIN Marketplace
  • Models: Models create head-turning looks through their unique avatars and expertise in styling, creating a wardrobe that tells a story.
  • Personal Shoppers/Stylists: Stylists, Personal Shoppers, and Gurus of Shop can take your outfit’s concept and make it a reality! In addition to knowing the right items to create your look, they can also give you fashion advice along the way.
  • Influencers/Shop Promoters: If you work with an influencer on IMVU, your clothing, item, or business will be brought to the attention of users through things like video, feed, podcasts, and many more.
Calling All Producers — Advertise Your Services on

As a Producer, you have the unique opportunity to earn extra income by creating products and providing services that people want and need. All you need is a little creativity and an understanding of what people are looking for. 

With VCOIN, hard work will pay off. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start earning money on IMVU earning money doing what you love! We hope you’ll join us in creating amazing things together in our corner of the metaverse.

What is a Producer?

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