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Your next side hustle is in the metaverse with VCOIN

Earn real money in the IMVU metaverse with VCOIN as your next side hustle! Play and get paid with users in the world’s largest avatar-based social network metaverse as your clients. 

VCOIN, an in-game digital currency, can be earned through peer-to-peer transactions on IMVU. And the exciting news? We’re in partnership with Uphold, and VCOIN can be exchanged for cash at a value of 250 VCOIN per $1.00. The rate stays the same, no matter what happens with the cryptocurrency markets.

So how can you make it rain in your bank account with VCOIN?

  1. Join IMVU – Sign up for an account and spend some time learning about the metaverse and its community. These will be your future clients!
  2. Sign up with Uphold – An Uphold account is necessary to cash out.
  3. VCOIN Restrictions by country and state – Cross check the current list of countries and US states that cannot currently withdraw VCOIN. The list is continuously being updated as regulations change.
  4. Visit the VCOIN Marketplace –  Research the different services offered in exchange for VCOIN. From artwork, DJing, to personal shopping, there are many ways to earn VCOIN for your digital specialties.
  1. Know your Customized URL – Your shareable URL can be found in your VCOIN wallet. (ex. You can copy your link by just clicking the “Share My Link” button down below. 
  1. Post on the VCOIN Marketplace – Add some examples of your work, as well as your VCOIN prices for your services!
VCOIN marketplace post

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, and IMVU’s 1,000,000 daily active users can’t wait to see what you create!

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