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Gamers are embracing NFTs

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We’ll just come out and say it— we’re bullish on NFTs and gaming! 

While web3 has seen many-a metaverse with huge valuations pop up but struggle to attract an active audience, we have taken a different approach. IMVU began as a web2 metaverse in 2004. Since then, it has grown into the world’s largest 3D social metaverse platform. Instead of building a web3 world from scratch, MetaJuice was created to introduce blockchain technology to millions of our existing users all over the world.

What We Learned

People are ready to use crypto and NFTs in-game so long as the process is simple. With partners like Uphold and ImmutableX, we have created a seamless experience for players to set up their crypto wallets and transact on the IMVU platform. This gives users all the utility of blockchain without intimidating technical hang-ups or gas fees.

IMVU avatars wearing NFT digital items

Recent NFT Drop Results

It’s been a busy month for NFT releases on the IMVU marketplace. Our recent Pop Idol Hair collectibles sold out within just 33 minutes of release. Two legendary 1 of 5 NFTs were snatched up in just 2 minutes.

This shows us that rarity can drive excitement and create demand around certain digital collectibles. The excitement doesn’t stop there…

NFT Giveaway

For the holidays, MetaJuice gave away 2,000 NFTs to the first players to complete a special in-game quest – the first of its type on IMVU. Winners received a Winter Scarf as a digital collectible for their avatars to wear. Within minutes of the quest event going live, all 2,000 NFTs were claimed!

Players who hold items that are NFTs on IMVU get to show off their status with a shiny, gold NFT badge. This distinguishing feature has become a point of pride for holders and increased the excitement around owning special items.

Future Drops

We drop new creator collab NFTs every Tuesday, NFTuesday if you will. 😉

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We’ll be reporting regularly on our NFT drops and learnings. As we continue introducing blockchain technology onto our platform, we want to share our findings with the web3 community. Despite the bear market, we’re seeing promising results and learning more about user behavior from non-crypto gamers.

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