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MetaJuice Month in Review: July 2023

Celebrating Exciting Partnerships and Metaverse Ventures at MetaJuice

Greetings, MetaJuicers! It’s time for our monthly wrap-up, where we bring you all the recent highlights. The past July has been brimming with exciting collaborations and IMVU adventures. Let’s dive in and catch up on the latest happenings at MetaJuice.

Uniting IRL Fashion and Metaverse: Our Partnership with Freak City

We are thrilled to announce our recent partnership with the renowned Freak City L.A. fashion label. This exciting collaboration featured an IRL party in Los Angeles and a catwalk with the latest hot pieces from Freak City.

Our goal is to blend the virtual world with the runway, bringing IMVU players the trendiest and most innovative fashion fits from the real world straight to their metaverse wardrobes. 

A Wholesome Brunch at EthCC in Paris: Joining Hands with Rug Radio and Decrypt Media

MetaJuice has taken another stride in the real-world realm by teaming up with Rug Radio and Decrypt Media to host a delightful brunch at ETHCC in Paris. The occasion marks the celebration of the launch of their two new French entities—Rug Radio France and Decrypt FR. This collaborative event brought together metaverse enthusiasts, blockchain aficionados, and media moguls for a day of networking, knowledge exchange, and incredible food. It was a memorable experience that we were excited to share with the broader web3 community.

MetaCritters Public Mint: Get Your Orangey and Fuzzy Frens Today

The MetaCritters Public Mint has finally begun! If you haven’t already secured your very own MetaCritter, there’s still a chance to do so. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to be a part of the ever-growing MetaJuice community. 

Head over to HeyMint to mint your free NFT!!

IMVU Phase 3 NFT Features Unleashed

Our journey with IMVU continues, and this time, we’ve taken it to the next level. Phase 3 of our NFT features have been unleashed, enabling all creators on IMVU to mint their digital items as NFTs! This empowering move allows creators to receive royalties on secondary sales, opening up exciting possibilities for the community.

Curious about the world of Creator NFTs and how they work on IMVU? We’ve got you covered with an exclusive interview with IMVU designer Kuroi. Learn from his insights and experiences making IMVU NFTs and see if you’d like to become a creator and earn in-game and in real life.

Read the full interview here: IMVU NFT Creator Interview with Kuroi

That’s a wrap for this month’s MetaJuice blog update! We hope you’re as excited as we are about the recent partnerships with FreakCity and we look forward to more live spaces with Rug Radio in the future. 

The metaverse is ever-evolving, and we’re delighted to have you with us on this incredible journey. Until next time, keep exploring the endless possibilities of the metaverse with MetaJuice!

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See you in the metaverse!


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