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The MetaCritters Genesis NFT

Step into a world of excitement and possibilities with MetaCritters, a collection of Genesis NFTs introduced by the visionary team at MetaJuice!

Limited Availability and Exciting Benefits

The MetaCritters collection is a highly sought-after limited edition, with only six thousand allowlist spots available. Among these, five thousand NFTs will be considered common collectibles, while the remaining one thousand will be ultra-rare, offering even more thrilling benefits and surprises.

Introducing Orangey and Fuzzy — the dynamic MetaCritters duo!

Meet Fuzzy: The Web3 Superpower Granting Companion

Fuzzy, the charming and common of the MetaCritters, possesses extraordinary abilities to bestow web3 superpowers upon its holders. Watch as Fuzzy turns one reward into many ✨

Meet Orangey: The Shapeshifting Rarity

Orangey, the rare shape-shifting MetaCritter, holds a special place within the collection. Owners of Orangey enjoy not only the benefits bestowed upon Fuzzy holders but also something a little extra. 😉

MetaJuice: Powering IMVU and the Web3 Revolution

MetaJuice is the groundbreaking web3 branch of IMVU, the world’s largest social metaverse platform. With a rich history spanning over 19 years, IMVU boasts nearly 4 million monthly active players. MetaJuice is on a mission to revolutionize the gaming landscape by introducing blockchain technology, crypto tokens, and NFTs to IMVU. These enhancements empower players and creators, allowing them to earn within the platform and freely transfer their earnings. Currently, IMVU hosts an impressive 1.25 million active crypto wallets, highlighting the growing popularity of web3 integration.

Our partners and investors include web3 brands such as Animoca, Immutable, KuCoin, Uphold, and others.

MetaCritters: Rewards for the Early Community

In addition to the in-game NFTs, MetaJuice has created a Genesis NFT collection called MetaCritters as a token of appreciation for the early community members. MetaCritter holders are granted exclusive benefits that include earning crypto rewards, acquiring exclusive IMVU NFTs, and potentially enjoying future perks from esteemed partners such as Mocaverse and other esteemed web3 brands.

Embark on Your MetaCritters Adventure Today

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